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by Michele on Blank Business Name
'Made For Cleaning' Company review

'Made For Cleaning'

Company Review

 This company does bond cleans in the Gold Coast and based out of SydneyCompany reviewMade For Cleaning farms out the work to sub contractors at a much reduced rate. Having done work for them and having had the arduous task of Bond Cleaning it is clear that the cleaners are not making any money out of these jobs. I got a job cleaning a massive 4 bedroom 2 storey apartment including the double garage, blinds for the low low rate of $290. There were two of us doing the job. We started at 9am on the dot and worked all day without a break. We washed walls, scrubbed bathrooms, ovens etc, the whole place and it needed a lot of by 4.30pm we were still at it.We contended with Real Estate agents showing the property, carpet cleaner who sprayed dirty brown water all over the walls, down the stairs and over the front entrance and had his machine inside so we couldn't hear ourselves think. We contended with the carpet cleaner emptying his filthy water in to the kitchen sink, laundry sink and leaving the disgusting hair and filth on the kitchen sink. We contended with a painter who walked the entire house with a surveyors wheel. He did remove his boots but the floors were still wet and we had to re-mopSo that was a whole day -2 people 7 hours each-14 hours in total  which works out at around $20 per hour ...but wait thats not all. That does not include tax, equipment,chemicals and  transport.That night I decided this type of job was not for us and contacted Made For Cleaning to let them know that we would not do any more work for them. I let them know I had checked several websites and found that they were making more than us and we were doing all the work.Turns out they had charged the tenant almost $450 for the job, $88 for cleaning the blinds and more for the carpet cleaning service.The standard rate for a 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom town house is a minimum of $540 to about $880 depending on the extent of the job. So they probably pocketed 50% if not more and actually we are yet to be paid so they currently have pocketed 100%.The next day I received an email from Made For Cleaning to say that we had to go back to fix up a few things that the Agent was not happy with. We had no problem with this and we went back the next day and left the Agent/Owner happy with our job and the tenant able to get their bond back.(No I haven't been paid yet-will update if anything changes)So to any Cleaners on the Gold Coast, think twice before you do any work for Made For Cleaning.There is numerous ways of finding your own work and not having to give over 50% to another company and you, having to take 100% liability. So contact me if you like.For me...I have a great article. I learned a very valuable lesson. I have built my own website -  and am relishing building my own business and calling all the shots.Michele